Areola/Nipple Micro-pigmentation Correcting Treatment - 1 Session 1.5 hrs

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S$ 350.00
S$ 350.00



Areola or known as nipple micro-pigmentation colour correction is for improving the aesthetic appearance of the breast. Making the colour of the nipple brighter, more pinkish and to balance the colour of the nipple for any discolourations.

Most women after the child birth and with hormones changes as they get older, have their nipples darken overtime.

Some women, just didn’t have the luck to be born with nice pink nipple colour. The group of people born with dark nipples usually want to seek options to lighten the nipple.

Areola Micropigmentation / Correction allows the colour of areola to be corrected, balance and lighten to become a healthy pink colour. It is not just only suitable for women, there are more men who also want to lighten the colour of their dark nipples nowadays.

Any pain? Aftercare?

Some tingling sensation might be felt. But it is not suppose to be painful as the numbing process is very important to be handled properly by skilled technician.

There SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY BLEEDING during the procedure as technician must have very stable hands with over 10 years of experience. It is extremely important when it comes to micro-pigmentation to find highly experienced and reputable ones to ensure there will be no risk of complications, scaring or nipples darken even more due to wrong colour used or wrong technique used.

As it has happened to many clients coming to us to correct bad jobs done else where with scarring and discolouration on nipples.

For Aftercare, client is advised to apply organic coconut oil for 1 week. During the 1 week, there will be some mild peeling of skin on the nipple. We advise that during this 1 week, it is best to wear sports bra with more breathable material.

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